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Many of your know that Doug Newberry & Bill McKinley started Investing Systems a long time ago. You have been reading our newsletters, listening to our radio shows and even seen us do a few videos.

We have now been launched into the world of blogging. Posting to blogs is a really easy way to keep people updated and there are some really nifty tools out there that make it quite easy to publish on the web this way.

Doug, that’s me, usually writes for the Market Toolbox and now Bill has finally started what he calls "The Trader’s Blog".

So far there are a couple very interesting strategy pieces and you should probably check it out. Post some comments and let him know what you think.

We are building another new blog that will be tracking model portfolios of ETFs over the long term using Position Cost Averaging as the management strategy. We are building a portfolio of Index ETFs, Sector ETFs, Commodity ETFs and even some World Market ETFs.

This will be very interesting to track the trading activity going forward.

Some of the sector ETFs and leveraged ETFs can be quite volatile and should produce some excellent trading activity.

Speaking of volatile…

The markets are still insane. Huge daily and even intra-day swings are making people some serious cash. The DOW was up BIG today as were the other indices.


Interesting number of new lows for such a strong day.


Today in the Research Lab one of the picks showed up on 4 of the 5 lists and is up as of this writing about 19.5% in just one day.

Also, if the Research lab sounds like a bit much for you then you need to try the Stock Picker RT. It’s fall down easy and picks great stocks every day and has been since 2005.

People ask me all the time… "You guys sell so many systems which one is right for me?"

Here is the thing, not every system or software is for everyone, we know that. We build and sell tools and services designed to accomplish specific tasks related to stock trading or investing.

For example…

The Position Cost Averaging Stock Investing System is designed as a portfolio management tool that FORCES investors to buy low and sell high. It really is amazing and if you have a long-term portfolio that you would like to manage automatically then PCA might be for you.

I suggest using it with ETFs and we have a whole seminar about that sign up here, it’s free.

The Stock Picker RT was developed in 2005 to pick "stocks on the move today" for short term traders, swing traders and day traders. It’s a momentum scan that runs early in the day and as the market opens looking for stocks that exhibiting unusual price and volume activity.

Then there are a couple filters we apply to the list and the picks are ready.

People have been making a fortune with the Stock Picker RT software for years.

Some people prefer to do their trading based purely on technical signals. For them we have the Stock Signal Pro software and now the Swing Trading Club.

The Stock Signal Pro will let you set up watch lists of your won stocks and it will let you know the very best times to trade based on the charts and technical’s of the stock itself. The software also has a premium data feed (not required) that will also give you the results of the internal scan which may give you some new stock ideas each day.

The Swing Trading Club is great too because it offers daily set-ups for swing traders, commentary, market analysis and market condition indicators. It even features a chat room with other serious swing traders all supporting each other.

Perfect for those that do not like to trade alone.

The Research Lab offers access to our own in-house lists of stock picks each day.

The Momentum Picks
Stocks on the move today!

The Earnings Winners
Stocks pushed higher by fundamentals

The Alpha Picks
Stocks on a Run

The Low Priced Picks
Hot Stocks Under $10.00

The Breakout Picks
Hot Picks hitting new highs

The Research lab also features our own Real-Time ETF Dashboard that allows us to watch the entire market easily and trade the market using Indices, Sectors, Commodities and Currencies. Even world market ETFs.

The Best Picks from the Premium Member’s Research Lab This Week!
Low Priced

Premium membership in the Research Lab is just $49.91 per month Click Here To Learn More.

So as you can see we have something for everyone… we even try and mix it up a little with a lot of great commentary and stuff in the Market Toolbox desktop financial portal Get one. They’re free!.

If that is not enough…we do radio shows all the time with guys like Thomas Kee, Don Harrold, and more so be sure to keep an eye out for some new ones coming up.

You can also get them on the web at Market Toolbox Radio. More coming soon!

So keep an eye here, join our mailing list, check out The Traders Blog start making money in the stock market.


Doug Newberry

Investing Systems Inc.

Host of The Market Toolbox Radio Show

Editor The Market Toolbox Newsletter

Blogger The Market Toolbox Blog

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